Octavie Escure

Octavie Escure

Creator of Fit'Ballet

Professor State Graduate Classical Dance

is my passion"

Young and multifaceted woman, Octavie introduces in her Fit'Ballet method a training in her image, where the whole body is put to work through specific exercises to sheath, tone and refine both the muscles of the legs, stomach and waist, back and feet with elegance and assumed sensuality. The exercises take up the basics of ballet: pliés, dégagés, sauts de chat, grands jetés with the Fitness rhythms and repetitions...

An original range of fast and cardiac exercises as well as gentle and deep exercises inspired by ballet, floor bar, yoga and his own experience. "Physical training is essential to correct everyday bad movements and make us feel much healthier."

The exercises taught during the classes reflect the dynamic and calm character of the creator of this method.

Octavie sees life in Pink. It is an opportunity for her to bring together talents and friends: photographers, stylists, musicians, dancers, artistic directors, models, painters, designers, athletes...

But Fit'ballet is also a tribute to the Ballet Classique: "Ballet is my passion. Since I was a child, there is no day whithout dancing. I have overcome my complexes, forgotten my sorrows, been happy dancing, choreographing, which over the hours, days, years have become my echo, my heritage. I dance endlessly, trying to share looks, emotions. »