About us

Fit'Ballet creates the link between Fitness and Ballet and combines Fitness strengthening movements with the graceful gestures of the Ballet. It is an original method of exercises as fast and cardiac as soft and deep inspired by ballet, floor bar, yoga and the creator's own experience. It's a fabulous and fun way to be fit and muscular while working long and gracefully. Calories are burned by strengthening the mind and body. No dance experience is required.

For all ages

Created by the professional dancer Octavie Escure, Fit'Ballet is a technique that combines the agility and grace of ballet, with targeted exercises that sculpt the body. For Octavie, physical training is essential because it helps to correct posture and feel more fit and healthy.

Open to everyone.

Open to everyone, the Fit'Ballet goal is to correct posture, gain fluidity and flexibility, tone muscles, thanks to a precise and complete work that will make you acquire the maintenance of a dancer. A Fit'Ballet class encourages the whole body to work on specific exercises to sheath both leg muscles, stomach and waist, back and feet.

Well-being feeling

Fit'Ballet gives you a feeling of well-being by working on your health curing migraines, back pain, insomnia, tiredness... It is recommended to recover a physical form after childbirth, to help during a diet by toning the body, to recover energy after an illness, an operation or an accident.

For the whole body

Based on ballet training techniques, you strengthen and lengthen your muscles on continually renewed Pop playlists. It is a cardio and muscular one-hour class as well as a postural and softening one. The whole body is requisitioned from the head bearing through the arms, torso as well as the hips, buttocks and legs to the tips of the toes.