A healthy mind in a healthy body!


The Fit'Ballet team would like to remind you of the benefits of regular physical activity in these times of health crisis. 


Why do we need to be physically active?

Physical activity or sport has a beneficial effect on the whole body. 


How often should I exercise?

Ideally, you should be physically active three times a week for at least 30 minutes.


The body and mind are intimately linked, especially for dancers, and the confinement that is currently imposed on us does not allow us to live our passion to the full. Beyond the isolation, the lack of physical activity and the brutal stop of the training is interpreted by our body as a physical, mental and moral injury. We therefore recommend that you do a small daily routine to the music of your choice, including some stretching on the floor preceded by a warm-up with a few pliés and port de bras, a few series of abdominal and sheathing exercises, and large beats always on the floor, which will be enough to give you the adrenalin necessary for a good morale.


Your body is precious, your health is precious, you must consider this exceptional period as a small parenthesis in your life.


The Fit'Ballet team therefore encourages you to take 30 minutes to 1 hour to practice various exercises... We have created our online course platform which offers you a range of diverse and specific exercises for working several parts of the body. You can create your own course by choosing the exercises you want and vary from one session to another. So, get to your playlists! 


We look forward to seeing you, hopefully, as soon as possible. In the meantime, stay at home and take care of yourself.


The Fit'Ballet team