I'm not a dancer, can I take these classes?

YES! Of course! Our classes are designed for you to experience a Fit’ballet class with no prior dance experience. Lots of our clients are non-dancers, proving you don’t have to be a dancer to look like one. We suggest starting with a Fit’Ballet or Fit’Ballet stretch class first. Read through ourclass descriptionsor email contact@fit-ballet.comif you need more details.

Where can I take Fit’Ballet classes?

Fit’Ballet is available in Paris, Perpignan, Berlin, Lausanne and Barcelona. We are constantly working on opening new places.Contact usif you would like to become a Fit’Ballet teacher!

How can I progress?

The more you come to class, the easier (and better) you feel! You will discover new and refresh exercices each time and work in a better way. A great way to perfect your movement and get better results is by booking aPrivateSessionspecifically to learn the basics step-by-step. You can also buy the Fit’Ballet book where you can find different exercises and their advice.

What should I wear for a Fit’Ballet class?

We suggest to wear a t-shirt and leggings to feel comfortable and socks or ballet shoes also named demi-pointes. We especially sell Fit’Ballet oneshere.

Do I have to schedule a class?

Yes. Go to your studio page and select your class.

Do you have a late-arrival policy?

Of course it is not appreciable to be late. However, it is the teacher who can decide to let you come in regarding the number of people in the class.

How often should I take Fit’Ballet classes?

Generally, we recommend taking two-to-five classes a week. And varying the classes among the different disciplines is even better. It could help your body working on cardio, stretch, control, deep work, ballet basics...

If I am pregnant, can I practice Fit’Ballet?

We recommend checking with your doctor before starting any class. We have a specific class for pregnant women: Fit’Ballet Baby Bump pre & postpartum

It promotes muscle tone, strength, endurance with grace and lightness. The exercises will help you to better ""carry"" your weight gain during pregnancy and will accompany you to better lose it after pregnancy! Practising can help you prepare for the physical stress of childbirth and be a little help in getting back to your pre-pregnancy figure. 5 good reasons to stay active during these nine months:

- Reduce back pain discomfort

- Prevent tiredness

- Prevent the phenomenon of swelling

- Improve your mood and self-image

- Sleep better We are not all in the same boat, some future mothers must be vigilant.

Small group work and personalized follow-up are the key to our Fit'Ballet Baby Bump sessions. Returning to your pre-pregnancy state may be your priority after childbirth. It will be necessary to go slowly, little by little by a series of gentle exercises. 1 hour for you, and exchange advice between future and new Fit'Ballet Mums !

Is Fit’Ballet available for my birthday or bachelorette party?

"Yes!We are happy to welcome you for a moment of pleasure and a unique experience!

For more information,contact usand we will organize a personalized event !"